About the site

Everything is bad for you (a name that doesn’t have much to do with the subject of this site, or much to do with anything at all) has been running since August of 2013.  As of this writing, it’s five years old and change.  The site’s main focus is video/PC games and related media.

About the author

I’m a licensed attorney, but I still make time to write about video games and video game music. You have to stay sane somehow, especially in this profession.

I also have several years of experience as a freelance writer in the fields of law, history, and travel, and I’ve produced copy on occasion for small business sites. I continue to freelance on the side because you never know what might happen. The practice of law isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

EIAQ (extremely infrequently asked questions)

Can I hire you to file a lawsuit/represent me in court?

No. I’m only barred in one state, so odds are I can’t help you anyway, and I’m busy enough with legal work at the moment that I’m not in a position to take on my own clients.

Can I hire you as a freelance writer?

Yes! Even though I just said I’m busy with legal work, I am available to work on short-term writing projects. I prefer to remain more or less anonymous, but as long as that’s not a problem, please feel free to send me an email at sonata_no1 at hotmail dot com if you have any interest in my writing. I swear up a storm on this site sometimes, but I won’t on yours – unless you specifically ask for that. I’m flexible.

How about making a guest post on my blog?

Depending on the subject matter, sure, I’m open to that. Just send me an email and we’ll talk.

What’s with your stupid rating system? You praised the hell out of [insert game here] and only gave it a 7?

I suffered through the IB program when I was in high school, sort of a fancy European version of the American AP program that most of my friends and relatives took, and I decided to swipe the IB’s seven-point grading system. So a 7 on my scale is the best score a game/soundtrack/whatever can get, while a 1 is the worst. According to the IB system, a 4 is the lowest passing grade, and so it is on this site – a 4 is the lowest score I’ll give to something I would still recommend, though that would be a very conditional recommendation.

I read a few of your posts, and you seem to be angry and/or depressed.

That’s not a question, but yeah. At times, I use this site to vent. I’m generally not a happy person. If you know a fix to that that doesn’t come with a lot of side effects, please let me know about it (as long as that fix isn’t “Join my religion!” – if it is, then don’t bother.)

Where else can I find you?

You can follow me on Twitter @sonata_no1. I don’t have a Facebook page.

I also have a secondary blog called Alpha Centauri Vacations where I write about things that aren’t weeb games or music or degeneracy (well, there is still some degeneracy.)  If you want to bask in my sunny disposition more, check it out.


2 thoughts on “About

    • No problem; I just wanted to put up sites that I thought would be interesting for visitors to link to. I believe I found your blog when I was looking around for stuff about Antarctica. It was just a subject that interested me. Antarctica sure doesn’t have much to do with my own blog, but neither do most of the subject matter of the sites on my blogroll.

      I know what you mean about the mystery of the internet, though; sometimes I wonder at some of the search terms I see in my stats folder.

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