Essays & commentaries

The following are posts I’ve written and continue to write that don’t fit neatly into the review category.  Some of them are more long-form analyses of games, anime, or other media.  Some are pieces on hot issues some parts of the entertainment industry and its fans are or were facing at the time I wrote them, usually after I was drinking way too much of a particular substance and getting angry/depressed about it.  Some are probably pretty stupid, especially the older ones, but I’m posting them all here anyway, listed in ascending chronological order.

Amazon thinks I’m a pervert
What kinds of mushrooms are Mario and Luigi eating? 
Why I’m not excited about the Final Fantasy VII remake
The myth of the entitled gamer
Politics, video games, and “nerd culture”
Why write?
Avoiding the Poochie Effect, or why I’m slightly nervous about Persona 5 Royal
On physical copies, bonuses, and Google’s Stadia
On reviews, scores, and objectivity vs. subjectivity
On anime, games, and obscenity
In defense of offensive content
Why aren’t visual novels more popular in the West?
Does fun belong in “serious” video games?
Do your protagonist or leads have to be relatable?
On the use of public office to suppress the display and sale of artistic works
US copyright law needs to be reformed (feat. Liru)
The shark says a: Exploring the appeal of VTubers
Fanservice done right
Initial thoughts on the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, or why strict corporate culture isn’t always a bad thing
Politics in art and the value of escapism
Talking shop #1: Grammar and style
Shipgirls in thighhighs: My year in Azur Lane

Deep reads

An ongoing series of more organized, less stupid/confusing commentaries on games and anime.  At least I hope that’s the case.  I plan to continue this series indefinitely, so be sure to check back. Also, I retroactively inserted a few of my older analysis articles into this series and very pretentiously assigned them Greek letters to differentiate them. Because I think they fit the spirit of what I’m currently going for with the deep reads series, even if they’re not quite as developed as the later, more planned-out posts. Is that cheating? Well shit, I don’t care.

α: Saya no Uta revisited: A Valentine’s Day review
β: You’re not the hero of this story (Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey)
γ: The solitary soul (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne)
#0: Preface
#1: Over the top (Kaiji)
#2.1: Why I like Disgaea
#2.2: Nippon Ichi’s Netherworld Vacation
#2.3: The power of love (Disgaea 1)
#2.4: The cost of revenge (Disgaea 5)
#3: Just a little broken (Planetarian)
#4: Playing God (the Sim series)
#5.1: Why I like Megami Tensei
#5.2: That was cheap
#5.3: Getting personal with Persona
#5.4: Gods and devils
#6: Artificial life in a natural world (Time of Eve)
#7.1: Better living through alchemy (or, why I like Atelier)