New project for a new year

Dear readers:

I’ve started a new project located here.  The purpose of this new project is to split my writing into two distinct areas.  I’ll still be writing posts (infrequently, what’s new) here about games and entertainment and what I think of them, and I’ll also be writing posts at the new site, and reposting old articles that stemmed from old failed bullshit experiments that I still have laying around that someone might be interested in.  Basically this site is still my ultra-popular legitimate flagship site and the other site is for shitposting.  Extreme shitposting, mostly about subjects that nobody will care about.

You can learn to swim there too (maybe) (not really)

Wait, this site is for shitposting too.  I guess that’s all I do here.  Anyway, if you like my shitposting, be sure to check out my other project.  Calling it a project makes it sound more impressive than it is, right?  Yeah, I thought so too.


I’m still not dead

This is a sort of placeholder post, in case anyone cares to know what’s been going on with me – I’ve been making the final sprint through law school, and today is quite literally the last day of class (hopefully for the rest of my life.)  Naturally, I paid about 20% attention in my classes today.  Once I bust through the exams next month, it’s bar preparation, then the bar exam, then a lifetime of working.  As a lawyer.

Well, my life is what it is, but I’ll be back writing here on a semi-regular basis after exams.  In the meantime, have a nice piece of official art from the amazing Dreamcast JRPG Skies of Arcadia:


I’d rather be an air pirate than a lawyer, but sadly that career path is not open to me.

I’m spending my downtime watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so my next post might have something to do with that.  It’s a fabulously insane show.  And the ending credits song is Roundabout by Yes, one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, which is enough to make me want to watch the entire series.

Anyway, reader, see you again soon.