A look forward to next season: “Comedy” from Spy x Family

I didn’t make any secret of liking Spy x Family a lot last season. Just like almost everyone else who watched it judging by the other reviews and the extremely high ratings, so my own late opinion was nothing special. So of course I’m looking forward to the second cour of Spy x Family coming this fall.

Everything about Spy x Family was quality including the music, and especially the ending sequence paired with the song “Kiseki” or “Comedy” by singer/composer Gen Hoshino:

Typically if I prefer one theme over the other, it’s going to be the opening over the ending. For some reason that’s the case nine times out of ten (or in a few rare cases like Call of the Night I’ll like both of them equally.) The OP “Mixed Nuts” is a good time, but “Comedy” is more memorable to me. Or maybe I just like its smooth classy sound. I don’t know much of what else Gen Hoshino has done aside from the pretty all right catchy love song “Koi”, but if at least some of his other music lives up to “Comedy” I’ll have to check it out.

More action, more comedy, more Anya expressions

Take this as still another recommendation to catch up on Spy x Family if you haven’t already, but just as long as you like fun characters and an exciting story full of mind games (and quite literally mind-reading in Anya’s case.)

A short one today, but I’ll be back with more tomorrow. This month has been interesting, forcing me to think of something to write about every day. I hope I can keep it going until the end of August so I can satisfy my obsessive side.

4 thoughts on “A look forward to next season: “Comedy” from Spy x Family

  1. I feel that daily upload itch too, but I’m not cut out for it. As for Spy x Family, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and have the manga saved on the app for after season 2 ends. very excited for it! Waku Waku

    • Waku waku, absolutely. I’m looking forward to a few continuing series next season and this is one of them.

      About the daily upload thing, I’ve never done it before this month — I can’t even remember the last time I posted on consecutive days before this challenge started. It’s been interesting but I’m definitely not going to continue past August. You can only run a sprint for so long.

      • for sure, breaks are important. I did NaNoWriMo last year (write 50.000 words of a story during November) and although I managed to do it, I think I wrote like half a page in December 😛

        But it is great challenging yourself, so good luck with the rest of this month!

      • Thanks! I might take a couple of weeks after August ends. Never tried the November novel writing challenge but maybe I will someday (definitely not this month though thanks to work!)

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