And something new: “Daten” and “Call of the Night” from Call of the Night

I’ve been writing about some old anime the last couple of posts, so how about a theme from a brand new one? Unless you’re reading this twenty years from now, assuming this site is still up then.

Call of the Night is a currently airing series about a 14 year-old boy, Kou Yamori, who’s absented himself from school. Instead of going to school, he’s sleeping during the day and going out in the dead of night to wander the empty streets. During one of these night walks, Kou meets and befriends the mysterious fanged girl Nazuna, who turns out to be a vampire in a shocking twist.

Kou decides he wants to be a vampire too because fuck society and being a responsible human being, a sentiment I completely sympathize with. But unfortunately for Kou, even though Nazuna gladly sucks his blood, she tells him she can’t actually turn him unless he falls in love with her, so he declares he’ll do just that much to her embarrassment.

Call of the Night is good so far, a lot of fun and very stylish, but there’s no doubt that the opening and ending themes add a lot to the experience. Both the OP “Daten” and ED “Call of the Night”/”Yofukashi no Uta” are original songs by the Japanese group Creepy Nuts, and they’re both perfect for this show. The ending has particularly grabbed people from what I’ve seen, and I can see why:

I’m not exactly a rap guy if you couldn’t tell — it’s a form of music I respect but just can’t get into that much, kind of like punk. But this song works for me. Or maybe I wouldn’t like it so much if it didn’t fit so well at the end of each episode of Call of the Night I’ve seen so far. It might fit so well because the original manga Call of the Night was named after the song — the anime getting the song as a theme must be a dream for the author.

I also love the animation in both of these and the show in general. I’ve never seen nighttime scenes depicted in anime as this series does them, making the night really look alluring. If I were Kou I’d be leaving the apartment at midnight too (and also to hang out with and get my blood sucked by my cute vampire friend/sort of maybe girlfriend? Yeah, that too.)

Take this post as a recommendation to check out Call of the Night, anyway, if that sounds appealing to you. It’s well worth a watch so far, and I’m hoping it keeps that quality up all season. Next post I’ll probably try to write about something that isn’t an anime theme — whether I succeed is another question. Check in tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “And something new: “Daten” and “Call of the Night” from Call of the Night

  1. The OP is definitely the best I’ve seen since Wild Side from Beastars season 1. It’s always refreshing when an anime doesn’t have the generic rock or pop song OP. Not that either genre is bad, but a lot of anime OPs and EDs just sound so similar. It’s also rare—at least for me—to see both the OP and the ED be so good. A lot of the times, it’s either one or the other—usually the OP. I can only imagine how the original author feels knowing they got Yofukashi no Uta to be the anime’s ED and even got Creepy Nuts to do the OP too. If that doesn’t make them feel like they made it, I don’t know what will.

    • You’re right about typically one of the themes being better than the other, and more often the OP. Or both are unremarkable and I end up skipping them. But Call of the Night is one of the few that I watch from 0:00 all the way to the end.

      I know this mangaka also did Dagashi Kashi — I thought the art style looked familiar, though I haven’t seen that show. Call of the Night seems like it’s making a real impact, and the attention is deserved. And yeah, just imagine getting one of your favorite groups to provide a song you love as a theme to your own work, just amazing.

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