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It’s been seven years since I started this blog. When I first created it in 2013, I didn’t have any plans beyond writing about games I liked and a few places I’d been to and complaining about everything else I hated. As I’ve written before, it was a way for me to manage things while returning to school and a rigorous and stressful program of study.

Sometimes I think, if I had millions of dollars and didn’t have to work or stress over other issues, I’d play games, watch anime, listen to music, and write all day. But I wonder if I’d even bother writing under those circumstances. I probably would, just because that’s something I like doing. But it wouldn’t be the same, because beyond just being a hobbyist sort of thing, this site is also a way for me to cope with bitter reality. It’s part of the escape I need from life — that’s the reason for the site’s tagline.

For its first five years, though, I didn’t make much of an effort to connect with fellow writers here on WordPress. I didn’t even really know about the loose-knit communities of video game and anime fans here. It was only after leaving a lousy job and improving my situation that I had a little more time to sit around and explore the platform relatively free of worries. I’m grateful for that opportunity, because finding and connecting with other writers and fans has given this project new life. To everyone who follows my site, leaves comments, or even just reads what I write on occasion, I want to say thanks. It may not seem like much, but all that continues to make a big difference in my life, and all for the better.

And always remember Flonne’s words: friendship power beats anything. Even shark dragon monsters.

So what’s next for the site? I haven’t made an update post in a while, but nothing much is changing here. I plan to continue writing reviews, commentaries, opinion pieces, the usual stuff. I will probably be putting more of an emphasis on anime and visual novels for the rest of the year, since those are more of what I’ve been taking in lately, but I won’t be abandoning traditional video and PC games.

In fact, I was planning to make another “here’s my backlog” post, but it seems like every time I make such a post I curse myself never to actually finish the games I list. If you’re really curious, following me on Twitter is a good way of finding out some of what I might be playing and watching, because I’ll post about it sometimes (without spoilers, of course, so don’t worry — I’m not that kind of jerk.)

In the meantime, best of luck and health to everyone, and I’ll write again very soon.

14 thoughts on “Seven years on

  1. Congratulations on the 7 years! It’s very admirable to see someone not only enjoying writing, but also being so passionate about it. I’ll definitely stick around here for the coming future ^^

  2. 7 years? Holy moly. Congrats on writing for that long. That’s pretty wild.

    Fun aside: this is the third blogging anniversary I’ve read about in August thus far. I guess August is a popular month to start blogs, eh?

    • Hey, thanks. And I’ve seen a few as well, yeah. Maybe there’s something about the end of summer that makes people want to start new projects like this?

    • Thanks very much. I already have a few reviews lined up, all of films/series I just got around to watching, but I hope they’re interesting!

  3. Congratulations on having made it this far! I have to admit I myself didn’t really make an attempt to connect to other writers on this site when I started out – it wouldn’t be until about a year in that I did. Then again, I also don’t think the WordPress community was as tightly knit back in 2013/2014 as it is now. Either way, I look forward to seeing what posts you have in the future!

    • Thanks, it’s much appreciated. And since you mention it, I don’t remember seeing such a community back around 2013 either, because I probably would have run into it at some point. I also look forward to keeping up with the community and seeing where it goes in the future.

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  5. Congrat on the 7 year anniversary! That’s some serious blogging longevity, it seems most bloggers don’t last anywhere near that long.

    And yeah, that’s something I’d found as well, getting to be part of a community, small as it may be, really makes this whole experience much more worthwhile. So I’m enjoying being in this with you. Let’s look forward to goo things coming in the future.

    • Thanks! I did have a few months-long hiatuses in there, but I could never give up writing here.

      And I feel exactly the same. This is one of the few parts of the internet I’ve been in that doesn’t feel dominated by drama and bitterness. As admittedly negative as I can be about life in general, I really like that we can be ourselves in this community and connect like this.

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