Other Megami Tensei games I’d like to see released for PC

This is a first: the second post in a row I’m making in response to a current event in the world of gaming. I promise this isn’t turning into a news site. However, the sudden release of Persona 4 Golden on Steam was a shock to almost everyone who cared about it, including me. I don’t have much to say about it, though, except it’s an excellent game that you should buy if you haven’t played it yet, but also that it comes with Denuvo built in which is a real pain in the ass not to mention a show of poor faith. I won’t be buying it yet, but that’s because I have a Vita in good working condition and several savefiles on my P4G card that I can go back to at any time and I absolutely need to finish Persona 5 Royal first. It makes sense that P4G is the first Megaten game to get a non-Japanese PC release, since just about nobody over here bought a Vita aside from me and maybe a dozen other people. And hell, the game is good enough that the Denuvo thing probably won’t matter to you.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about today. Since the door to Megaten PC ports is cracked now, let’s push it wide open. There are several other of these games I would love to see released on PC, so if anyone from Atlus is reading this, here’s my wishlist in order of what I want to see. Please note these aren’t based on what I think Atlus would be most likely to release but only on my preferences, so as usual I’m indulging in wishful thinking. On to the list:

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

No surprise here, right? Nocturne is my favorite Megaten game and near the top of my favorite games list, whatever that would be. Yet it’s only ever been released for the PS2. It doesn’t seem like a PC port of Nocturne would be hard at all to make considering it’s now 17 years old. It would also make for a fine introduction to the mainline SMT series for new fans who have only played Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden so far.

Look, it even has dating, just like Persona. Well, sort of.

If I’m being greedy, I’d ask for the JP-only Chronicle Edition that replaces Dante with Raidou Kuzunoha, but people love their Dante from the Devil May Cry series so I know that won’t happen. Leave it to the modders to insert him later.

Persona 3 FES

This one is a lot more realistic than getting either Nocturne on PC or the complete Persona 5-style Persona 3 overhaul people keep clamoring for. A P3 port is the logical next step for Atlus to take after P4G: it’s a game that a lot of new fans haven’t experienced yet, but it’s still close enough to the newer Persona games in style that those fans won’t be put off.

I do think it’s more likely that we’d get the PSP-only Persona 3 Portable instead if only because of how popular its unique female protagonist option is. I’d still prefer FESPortable is sort of a “demake” anyway and lacks some of the features of FES, and most PCs would be able to handle FES in any case. However, the Answer section of FES is a character-destroying pile of shit, so maybe Portable would be better. But then again, you don’t really have to play the Answer if you get FES anyway, so maybe that doesn’t matter. I guess I’m torn over this one.

Persona 2

Both parts. Persona 2 has had a very weird history of western releases — we first only got Eternal Punishment, the second part of the two-part series, for PSX, then we got a port of the first part, Innocent Sin, on PSP but not Eternal Punishment on that system. It would be great to have a package including both games on PC, because the stories are supposed to be excellent in contrast with some quite honestly shitty gameplay and fusion mechanics. Maybe I’d actually get back to playing Innocent Sin again and suffering through that for the sake of the story. Once I beat Royal I’ll have 12 years to wait until Persona 6 comes out anyway.

Seriously though why would you give us each half of the duology on a different system and the second one years before the first, what the hell? I think they’re sadists.

Shin Megami Tensei I and II

I believe these are far less likely to be ported than Nocturne even, and for pretty obvious reasons: they’re a lot older and don’t contain any quality of life features, and II has never even received an official localization. And the localization of I was only for iOS for some fucking reason. But I’d still like to see these translated and ported, preferably in their slightly newer and more updated PSX remake forms. More complete overhauls would also be appreciated, but we’re already so deep in the unlikely zone at this point that I know that’s way too much to hope for. I’d rather hear news about Shin Megami Tensei V than about remakes of and II anyway.


There are plenty of other games that would be great to see released as ports on Steam like Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, the PS2 Devil Summoner games, and SMT if…. However, the games I think we’re by far most likely to see are one of the two later versions of Persona 3 and any of the Persona spinoffs games they can cram onto Steam like the 3/4/5 dancing games and the Arena fighting games. Persona is the cash cow, after all. Or maybe we’ll really luck out and only get ports of obscure games that even most “serious” Megami Tensei fans don’t care about like Demikids and Last Bible. Only time will tell, but I’ll remain hopeful that we get something more on PC at least, because there are quite a few games in the series only playable on old consoles now that could use new life.

Enough of my complaints. Next time it will be back to business as usual. I already have some reviews and commentaries planned for the next few months — planning ahead, something I almost never do here. All this extra time staying at home has really paid off. But if Atlus surprises us with a Steam port of Nocturne, I’ll probably also be running an extremely detailed, tedious beat-by-beat playthrough of that game here. So maybe you should hope that doesn’t happen.

9 thoughts on “Other Megami Tensei games I’d like to see released for PC

  1. A lot of people were expecting Persona 4 Golden to remain a Vita exclusive. It was the only Vita game I was interested in, so I’m glad that I managed to hold out for a long enough time for it to appear on Steam. It would’ve been even better if it appeared on GOG, thus making it DRM free, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I too am definitely hoping that the other Persona games make an appearance as well. I was able to infer through secondhand accounts how Persona 4 was a step up from Persona 3, but it would be nice to have firsthand context.

    • Same, this was a total surprise. Between this, Gravity Rush Remastered, and the PS4 ports of a few other older JRPGs my Vita is now basically obsolete. I feel bad for it.

      Seeing a DRM-free release would be great. And I do think a Persona 3 release is pretty likely now considering how well Golden seems to have sold. Also looking forward to the mods people start coming out with.

  2. I’d heard mur-murs of a rumor that P4G was coming to Steam at some point months ago, but I chocked that up to being about as credible as it sound: not at all. Similar to yourself I’m very surprised to see the game released on Steam (even if it does come with that pesky DRM).

    Do you figure 5/5R has a chance of also appearing given it is the latest hotness and probably owes a lot of its success to newer fans who played P4G on Vita hyping 5 to heaven?

    • I’d definitely like to see P5/R on PC. I’d be a lot more surprised if it were released anytime soon for PC, though, just because I’m sure Sony wants to keep P5 exclusive as long as possible. I’m guessing they just don’t see any loss letting P4 or older games go, especially ones released for Vita or PSP.

      There are so many Persona-related rumors around all the time that it’s easy to dismiss all of them. So many people were convinced P5R would come out for Switch.

  3. I feel like Nocturne is ripe for a remaster. That was such a big turning point for the series, and for the most part it’s aged pretty well. Aside for that, though, my guess would be Persona 5 Royal is next in line. Which isn’t a bad choice, just kind of an uninspired one. That’s the one everyone will see coming. Which is ironic.

    • Absolutely agreed on Nocturne, yeah. As unforgiving as it is, it’s also aged a lot better than the 90s games.

      Royal would make sense assuming there’s no exclusivity agreement with Sony or anything. It would be great if more people get to play it beyond just Playstation owners.

    • Also, you’re right: they’ll all see it coming. Maybe they should rewrite the lyrics to that song in case they make a PC port.

  4. As someone who started with P5, getting a chance to play P4G, a game I’ve been wanting to play for a while is awesome without having to buy a vita. I gave my PS2 to my extended family a long time ago, a mistake that still haunts me to this day, so as of now I can really only play those two titles, but it still shocks me why Atlus chooses to make the decisions they make. I feel as though they have a great library of games people would be willing to spend money on, but they don’t really see it. Aside from P4G being on PC I hope one day Atlus makes a console port. I’m not really into buying digital copies of games unless I have to, so having a physical copy of P4G and other SMT games would be the dream, so much so that I would be willing to buy two copies each game if I have to. Here’s hoping.

    • I also favor physical copies, and I’ll only buy digital when there’s no other choice or the price is a lot lower, so seeing a physical release of Golden and hopefully some other SMT games for PS4 or even Switch or something would be great. I’m honestly surprised that it wasn’t also ported to PS4 in fact. Maybe that’s in the works as well and we just haven’t heard about it yet.

      I agree about Atlus also — there are plenty of great games in the Megami Tensei catalogue that you have to own the original console or emulate to play now. Other companies have been a lot better about keeping their older games alive with ports to newer, more accessible systems.

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