Twelve days of Megaten Christmas: Day 4 (Abaddon)

I mentioned in my introductory post that the demons of the Megami Tensei series include a lot of angels. Most of these are the traditional angels of the Abrahamic faiths, complete with the wings and all that — the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, and the lot of unnamed lower-level angels (including the infamous Angel, who often shows up in SMT and Persona games in skimpy bondage gear; you can thank Kazuma Kaneko again for that design, God bless him.) But Abaddon is very different from the rest.

In the Old Testament, the term Abaddon seems to refer more to a place than a person, a place of either suffering or utter destruction where some dead people’s souls went. By the New Testament, however, Abaddon becomes an entity called the destroyer and angel of the abyss. There seems to be a lot of disagreement over whether Abaddon is a servant of God, performing his work in punishing sinners who fall into his pit, or whether he’s a demon or even synonymous with the Devil himself. Either way, you would never want to meet him, so maybe it doesn’t matter too much, at least as far as we mortals are concerned.

Is this more or less scary than the guy above?

The Abaddon of Megaten is depicted in two equally monstrous forms: first as a giant buried mostly underground, with only the top of his head sticking out except when he lunges to attack the player, and second as a massive blob with a gaping mouth. Abaddon is always a mid-high to high-level demon and often has great physical resistance, making him a formidable enemy and a valuable ally, though it’s worth noting that Abaddon is usually a member of the Tyrant race and is therefore usually impossible to recruit using normal methods.

I’m still not sure how he gets around in his “underground giant” form when the top of his head is sticking out of the floor. I guess as an angel he’s immaterial and can move through objects? Must make life easier when you’re that big.  Also, be sure to note the tiny angel wings on top of his head. I assume these are there to remind us that Abaddon is in fact an angel, but they also look pretty damn funny on him.

A shorter one today, but I’m back to work.  No long Christmas breaks for the working man, especially the one who doesn’t get vacation days because he’s a damn contractor.  Tomorrow we’ll hopefully take on a less grim demon.

3 thoughts on “Twelve days of Megaten Christmas: Day 4 (Abaddon)

  1. I know they’re not always the most effective, but I love having big physical bruisers in my party, and Abaddon is great for that. The fact that he often makes enemies waste their press turns is pretty sweet too. I just don’t like being seen with him that much. Dude looks completely gross.

    • Abaddon soaks up those enemy turns. Always good to have one demon in your team that cancels out physical attacks. He certainly is pretty gross, though, in both forms. At least in his giant guy form he’s hidden out of sight most of the time.

    • This time as a son of European grandfathers, I’m a seraph and you would like to see me though lol 🙂
      The transformation from Taurus to Scorpio through all life, I’m inventing a map of the origin, that bottomless depth of entire Universe. I see human souls now because of hard struggles in my youth.
      Almost all time I’m boring, sometimes get very angry fighting with “demons”, but people with a warm heart love and want me to make their live bright and shiny again. I’m waiting for a great revolution, to make some fun in my empty life that people call history, the John’ Revelation, Chapters 8, 9, and 12. Good luck.

      Programmer, 27 y.o.

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