Deep reads #0: Preface

Yes, it’s yet another new feature here on the site. This time, though, the idea behind it is very broad — it’s just going to be me writing about certain themes and concepts present in games and anime series and other forms of entertainment I like.  This gives me the opportunity to cover both works that I’ve written about before in greater detail and sharper focus and works that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while.  I’ll be lumping most of these posts into sub-series sorted by theme that might run anywhere from 2 to 4 or 5 posts.  I hope this whole series/sub-series setup doesn’t get too tangled up or confusing.

Hell, the title I’ve chosen for the feature is already confusing enough.  I went with “deep reads” because I’m covering these works in greater depth than I normally would in a basic review and because every other title I thought of was too clunky, but the “reads” part doesn’t make much sense because I probably won’t be covering any books.  I do a mind-numbing amount of reading at work anyway.  Someone else can write theses about profound works of literature; I’m sticking to weeb-centric and weeb-adjacent games and shows just like I always have.  And western stuff as well.  Anything that grabs my interest, really, but the point is it will be the same sort of stuff I’ve written about for the last few years here.

I admit I’d play video games for 3 days straight if I could get away with it, but I wouldn’t do those second and third things just to be clear

Since these posts are going to be more analyses than reviews, they’ll all be full of spoilers.  If you’re curious about my opinions of these works but you don’t want to read a particular post because you’re avoiding spoilers, here’s a blanket statement that you can rely on: I recommend checking out every single work I’ll be writing about in this series, because I more or less like all of them.  They might not all be for you, of course, which is why I say I recommend checking them out instead of buying them right away.  Though if you trust my judgment and taste enough to do that, I’d be very flattered.

You can look forward to the first post in this series soon (or soon-ish, at least.)  In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter even though I hardly ever post there.

10 thoughts on “Deep reads #0: Preface

  1. Sounds good to me! We need more of this sort of writing about games rather than just reviews. People get too hung up on the idea of “reviews as consumer advice”, when for my money there are many more interesting things to be said in things like thematic and mechanical analysis. That’s why I strive to do things the way I do.

    Also, you can totally “read” a game. You can “read” any form of media. I have a textbook from university called “How to Read a Film” 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to shift over to more analytical stuff. Not that I won’t write any more reviews, but there are a lot of more in-depth ideas I have that I hope readers will find interesting.

      You’re right; I was using “read” too narrowly there I think.

    • Hard to say, but I hope to get #1 out by this coming weekend. These will be on the longer side, so I expect to put them out every couple of weeks or so alongside other posts if I can manage it.

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  3. You did a great job with your SMT: Nocturne analyses; I’m looking forward to seeing what you get out here.

    Or maybe you’ve already got them out. Man, I’m so far behind the blogroll.

    • Thanks! I know there’s way more to dig into with Nocturne and the other SMT titles, so maybe I’ll get back into them at some point.

      And no, I haven’t got any out yet, but I’ll have the first one up very soon. I’m behind right now too, so I know the feeling.

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