Plans for the new year

I don’t usually make these kinds of posts, but I wanted to wish my readers a happy new year and to put forward a few of my plans and intentions for 2019.  Not massively vague resolutions that will be dropped within two weeks, but actual, viable plans.

1) Get through the stack of music I was planning to review.  The new year means a return to work, and a return to horrible downtown commutes, and an opportunity to listen to all the new albums I’ve got (and some old ones I’ve had lying around unlistened to.)

2) Post on a more regular basis.  Not every day or necessarily even every week, but no two-to-three-month hiatuses anymore.  I won’t pull a Spoony on you (in fact, I couldn’t, because Spoony skipped out on patrons who were giving him $5,000 a month to produce content and I don’t make a god damn penny off of this site.  Which is fine with me – it’s not my day job or even my night job.  But I won’t leave it behind, all the same.)

3) Try to shift from a constantly negative attitude to a cautiously positive one.  My disposition was never anywhere close to cheery and it never will be, but I’m tired of feeling miserable all the time.  Depression feeds itself, and its appetite grows by what it feeds on.  I’m determined to get out of my hole somehow.  Maybe a little less drinking is in order.

4) Try to affect some kind of positive change in society this year.  That’s something we can all do.  My tendency is to shut myself off, to reject and deny other people.  But that approach clearly hasn’t served me at all.  It’s not like I really want to be that way, but it’s hard to avoid sometimes.  This goal goes hand in hand with #3.

However, I promise not to compromise on my sincerely held beliefs.

In the meantime, all my best wishes for a good new year.  I can only speak for how it is in the United States, but people here seem to be optimistic despite everything that’s happened last year – and despite the sorry state of our leadership.  The only thing to do is push forward.  Let’s all do our part, no matter where we are.

4 thoughts on “Plans for the new year

  1. I firmly stand in favour of emphasising positivity over negativity in your life — that’s why MoeGamer is the way it is, even though I occasionally get a bit of grief for it. You’re absolutely right — negativity breeds negativity, and concentrating too much on negative things has an adverse effect on mental health. I wish more people would see this and realise that it’s okay to just enjoy things sometimes.

    I hope you have a good year. Thanks for your support and contributions in 2018!

  2. Happy belated New Year. Looks like you have made good on being more active. Since I have been away I see you have posted quite a bit. Keep up the good work.

    It’s amazing how patrons kept supporting deadbeat Spoony. Maybe it’s like a Netflix subscription? They keep paying cos they forget to cancel.

    • Happy new year to you too, and thanks. I’ve found that writing here lets me express myself in ways that I can’t with my family and professional colleagues, which is something I really need, so I’ll try to keep going.

      Spoony is a mystery, but his remaining supporters are a greater one. I have to guess at least some of them forgot they were donating to him on Patreon – as far as I can tell the guy’s done nothing worth donating towards for several years.

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